Summer Concert Series
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As part of the Summer Concert Series at Universal Theme Park, the British pop singer will perform on June 27 at the Music Plaza inside the park in Orlando. Concert is free with Universal admission.

Visit: www.UniversalOrlando.com for informations

Source: Ocala.com

[Videos] E3 opening night cocktail party
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Natasha Bedingfield sanngs “These Words”, “Pocketful Of Sunshine” and “Chasing Cars (Originally Interpreted by Snow Patrol)” at the E3 opening night cocktail party hosted by Nintendo. Check out some videos found on youtube and Kotaku site.

These Words

Pocketful Of Sunshine

Chasing Cars

Credits goes to Jess, Losangelista and Brian Crecente

Natasha Bedingfield Serenades A DSi
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By Brian Crecente

Last night’s Nintendo party starred Grammy-nominated pop singer Natasha Bedingfield.

It also starred, for a brief moment, an electric-blue Nintendo DSi. After belting out a number of songs, Bedingfield pulled out a DSi and started, I don’t know, sorta fondling it as she sang.

Initially I thought she was going to use it to distort her voice or play around with her own music, but no. Instead it sorta looked like she was reading the lyrics to the song she was singing off of it. But then, she just sort of held it in her hand and sang.

Soulmate on Medium Tonight
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Tune in to catch SOULMATE as it is featured extensively as the theme song throughout the series finale of the hit NBC show MEDIUM tonight! Monday, June 1, 2009 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Source: Official Website

Discography Update
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I just updated the discography page with some hot news for everybody.
The song “Pocketful Of Sunshine” will be included on The Ugly Truth’s soundtrack. Visit the discography page for more informations and IMDB page for released dates for your country

Source: IMDB

[Gallery] Photoshoot Update
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I just added a new photoshoot from 2006 for Teen People Magazine. Check out

Brian Bowen Smith (Teen People Magazine) 2006

Credits goes to Rodrigo, thanks dude

I also added some HQ photoshoots on the gallery. Check out.

Sarah Lee Photoshoot 2004 HQ

Phil Griffin (Angel Shoot) 2008 HQ

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For the past two weeks fans have been taking part in a massive online poll to uncover their all-time favourite Natasha Bedingfield single. And the results are now in!!!

In 3rd place with 14% of your votes was SOULMATE…

….In 2nd place with 18% of your votes was POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE…

….And in 1st place with 20% of your votes was….UNWRITTEN! The third single from her debut album of the same name, Unwritten was co-written by Natasha for her younger brother Joshua’s 14th birthday. It reached Number 6 in the UK charts and it also scored Natasha her first Top 10 hit in the US!

Jess says, “Every time I hear it I always get a smile across my face because the lyrics make sense to my life. Since “coming out of the closet” I’ve been getting bullied and when I listen to Unwritten it shows me that everyday is new.”

Bailey says, “This single is my absolute favourite because it’s a beautiful song! It has such a good meaning, it’s inspirational. Its saying only you can choose how you make your future. Even if things seem bad, the future can get brighter. I’m trying to get good grades in high school, and this song is helping me along.”

Ray says, “It may seem like an obvious choice, but the reason I like it above all others is because it reminds me that no matter what has happened in the past, through all the hardships and trials that any of us go through that the future, the next step… it is yet to happen.”

Murdles says, “My favourite song is Unwritten. It was the first uplifting song of the time that I had heard in a very long time. I was struggling to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. It is a song that makes me feel like I can do almost anything and that the future is not set in stone.”

Luzlyn Larosa says, “And every time I hear it, I feel calm, relax and I gain more confidence. I think the song is about happiness, stability and positive thinking.”

And the voting doesn’t there! Today we’re launching the second round of our Natasha Bedingfield poll to uncover your FAVOURITE MUSIC VIDEO!

So refresh your memory and head to Natasha’s official YouTube channel HERE to choose a video worthy of your vote!

Then simply email us at favouritenatashavideo@googlemail.com with the reason for your choice. We’ll be posting the best comments in the run up to results day on 12th June!


Source: Official Website

New Dates
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Natasha will be performing at America’s National Independance Day celebrations in Washington tonight. She will share the stage with the great Aretha Franklin, Barry Manilow and even charachters from Sesame Street. The show will be show on PBS on July 4th at 8pm so look out for that!

She will also be performing at the Universal Studios as part of thier Summer Concert Series on June 27th. You can buy tickets from the Universal Summer Concert website HERE.

[Gallery] Candid Update
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Natasha Bedingfield landed in Washington D.C. airport with her husband, Matthew Robinson, they were in town to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner (05/09)

05/09/09 – Natasha Bedingfield lands in Washington D.C. airport

New Layout
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Hey, we finally got this thing up. We worked a lot on this new layout. Hope you like :)

Enjoy your stay

NatashaFan, xx

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