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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    [VIDEO] Backstage with Natasha, Jordin and Ledisi

    Behind the scenes with Jordin Sparks, Natasha Bedingfield and Ledisi as they prepare their rendition of “Stop in the Name of Love” for “The Motown Sound: In Performance at the White House,” which airs on PBS March 1, 2011. (check locali listings.)

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    [AOL/PICTURES] Natasha Bedingfield at Sessions

    I just adedd an exclusive aol sessions photoshoot in natashapictures.com. Check it out:

    2010 AOL Sessions


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    BUZZNET: 50 Blondes Who Rock The World

    Here’s to blonde ambition and the top 50 fair-haired ladies of the last four decades who’ve made us dance, cry, sing in the shower, and wanna bleach the heck out of our heads. Whether you love the old school and still boogie down to Blondie’s “Call Me” or you’re one of the millions who’ve helped Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” break all sorts of radio records, there’s no doubt these blonde babes bring good times to the clubs and your cars with their sexy steps and their soulful sounds. Click through the gallery to see the top 50 (in my humble book) and don’t be afraid to tell me: Who’s your favorite from the list? And did I miss anyone?

    #50 Britta Phillips
    #49 D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky
    #48 Vanessa Paradis
    #47 Vicki and Debbie Peterson – The Bangles
    #46 Wendy O. Williams
    #44 Lisa Lobsinger
    #43 Nanna Fabricius of Oh Land
    #42 Kerli
    #41 Robyn
    #40 Duffy
    #39 Jewel
    #38 Emily Haines of Metric
    #37 Maja Ivarsson
    #36 Katie White of the Ting Tings
    #35 Taylor Momsen
    #34 Ke$ha
    #33 Avril Lavigne
    #32 Shakira
    #31 Nancy Wilson
    #30 Sheryl Crow
    #29 Marianne Faithfull
    #28 Tina Weymouth
    #27 Natasha Bedingfield
    #26 Nicki Minaj
    #25 Faith Hill
    #24 Annie Lennox
    #23 Terri Nunn
    #22 Dale Bozzio
    #21 Celine Dion
    #20 Nico (Christa Päffgen)
    #19 Carrie Underwood
    #18 Melissa Etheridge
    #17 Cherie Currie
    #16 Taylor Swift
    #15 Cyndi Lauper
    #14 P!nk
    #13 Christina Aguilera
    #12 Tina Turner
    #11 Mariah Carey
    #10 Kim Gordon
    #9 Dolly Parton
    #8 Courtney Love
    #7 Beyoncé
    #6 Gwen Stefani
    #5 Lady Gaga
    #4 Stevie Nicks
    #3 Debbie Harry
    #2 Britney Spears
    #1 Madonna

    Source: Buzznet.com

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    [AOL/VIDEOS] Natasha Bedingfield at Sessions

    Check it out: Natasha Bedingfield at Sessions, Los Angeles November 18, 2010

    Pocketful Of Sunshine

    Strip Me




    Behind the Sessions

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    Natasha Bedingfield Relaxes a Bit, Thanks to New Hubby and Bruno Mars

    While in LA recently, Natasha Bedingfield stopped by our Beverly Hills studio to tape a Sessions performance and chat with us about her new album, ‘Strip Me.’ Coming the day after she and her band rocked the first full show of the new material at the famed Troubadour, the Sessions taping found her already in fine form as she performed the title track and ‘Weightless,’ along with the hits ‘Pocket Full Of Sunshine’ and, of course, ‘Unwritten.’
    After the four-song set, Bedingfield talked about the new album, the best thing about her recent marriage to California businessman Matthew Robinson, why Bruno Mars is amazing and the connection between herself and her audience.

    I was reading an interview you did where you talked about the fact that one of the changes in being married is you’ve kind of relaxed a little bit more, and you were just talking about over-stressing and stuff.

    I do feel like being married helps me be less stressed. It reminds me what’s important in life. That there are other things that are important besides my music. It’s good. Matt helps me have a lot more fun, and it’s good. There are moments where I get stressed out, and he can just be like, “You’re stressing out, it’s OK”– it’s great. That’s probably the best thing about being married.

    At the same time, though, you don’t really want to lose those nerves. You just did this performance here, last night, which, I believe, was the first real performance of ‘Strip Me.’ Now that you’ve played this a couple times, here and last night, how is the record starting to come to life for you?

    Oh, I am so excited. Actually, the whole mindset that I had when I was writing this album was “How can I make my live show even better?” I really wrote songs that I wanted to kind of enhance my live show because that’s where it really happens for me. I just love the whole live connection between the audience and the artist. What I love about music and what I like about live performances is that the song changes each time, and there’s a magic that happens when it’s live. And you want the audience to feel like they’re getting something special and unique that no one else is ever going to see. That’s the idea, that’s why live music is fascinating, and it’s why it’s more fun sometimes than a studio album, for me anyway.

    As Natasha Bedingfield the fan, what are some of the songs you’ve heard from other people that you’re like, “Wow, that just rocked me”?

    I saw Bruno Mars sing recently that song ‘You’re Amazing’ [‘Just the Way You Are’], and also his other songs are fantastic. It’s rare, but he’s someone who’s better live than the recording and definitely took on a new life for me. Alicia Keys is amazing live; her voice hits you in a way that doesn’t even hit you, you know. It even surpasses her record when you watch her live. It comes right in, so passionate, and you can feel that. John Mayer is brilliant live.

    What was the first moment for you when you were onstage where you had that moment where you realized that sort of magic of like you were connecting with the audience?

    One of the most memorable first-show experiences was actually my first show after my first record was made. It was at G-A-Y in London, just the most amazing club and primarily everyone there was gay, and it was like my first full concert with the whole band, just really like the full deal. My song had just been a hit not for that long; it was No. 1 in the charts, so everyone knew it, but I hadn’t had a chance to play it really like a full gig yet. It was just incredible because every single person was singing the words to ‘Unwritten,’ the words to ‘These Words,’ to ‘Single’ with every fiber of their being, were singing it in the same kind of passion that I sing when I sing. It just hit me and touched my heart so much. I could really feel that connection and how the lyrics meant something to them even different than what I meant, like in a personal way the lyrics meant something. It was just incredible to be touched like that by my audience.

    That’s awesome. For every writer what you’re looking for is that connection.

    Yeah, that’s what’s addictive about songwriting and about performing, is that connection. That intimate relationship that you have with the listener and how a song takes on a form of its own. Once you write it, the song goes out, flies free and then it becomes other people’s song, and I love that.

    As an artist today, you are able to have such direct access. Are there songs in particular of yours that you’ve heard from people that really took on special meanings to them, or different meanings to them that you go back then and you’re like, “Wow, I can actually see that”?

    Yeah, ‘Unwritten’ is a really good example. I wrote ‘Unwritten’ for my brother, for his 14th birthday, it was a very personal song. I feel like his life was reminding me about how people make us feel like we have to have it all figured out already. We have to already choose what college we’re going to go to, what subject we’re going to study, and we don’t even know much about life yet. So that was a very personal story about my life, about his life, that kind of thing. It was amazing just to meet people and hear how many different people had their own parts of the song they felt meant something to them. A lot of people played it at their graduation. Other people play it at their weddings, whatever. Every different song has a different story; some of them more sad stories, someone who it was their kid’s favorite song and their kid died. It means something to them when I play that song to them, like ‘Pocket Full of Sunshine,’ it’s something about going through intense hardship and finding a way to get through it and a way to escape. There’s definitely some more powerful stories like that. It’s quite amazing, quite a gravity to realize that the songs mean something so intense for people.

    It’s interesting what you just said about “I wonder if I had thought differently,” because you had already written songs for the first album, and they became hits. Did it give you confidence for the second album?

    I always keep the person who’s listening to it in mind because I want them to understand the song. My lyrics are always easy to understand. I don’t really like when people sing and you’re like, “What did they just say?” I like to know what the lyrics are to songs, so that’s something I keep in mind, but you can’t become constricted by “How do I please everyone and keep everyone happy?” because that can definitely stop you being true to yourself, so it’s definitely a balance. But my second album I felt like I had a lot of fun with it, I had grown a lot, I had been out on the road and discovered a new side of myself. And some of my songs on the second album they were kind of comedy, there was a kind of fun, tongue-in-cheek thing to it. It was interesting because my last single on the first album was more serious, so I think that there was definitely a disconnect at one point where I released some songs that were not as serious as people thought I was. That’s the thing, is that artists change and grow, and we try to take our audiences with us. I guess that’s why it’s great that we have so many ways to connect with people now. We have Twitter and everything, MySpace, Facebook; it’s fantastic there’s definitely ways to bring people with you and help them know who you are.

    I’d imagine it’s the type of thing too, because it’s your name out there, so people feel more of a connection. So I would imagine it’s really nice for you, as well, when you’re able to show a different side. And obviously with this record like we talked about you’re more relaxed, it’s maybe you’re married now, it’s maybe a slightly different mindset.

    It’s a deep question. Yeah, I feel like I am more relaxed, I feel like I’m more relaxed, and I’ve accepted my intensity as well. I feel like it’s more about an acceptance of who I am. I’m British, so we apologize all the time, you know: “Sorry, I’m sorry”; it basically means “hello” — sorry. I guess I got to that point, and most people my age feel, like you feel more relaxed about who you are. And a lot of my music is definitely light and dark. There’s definitely the really intense, more moody, kind of like going through something type of song, and there’s the light, sunny, happy side, and I guess you’re seeing both of that in this album.

    When did you start writing this album?

    I started writing the album about two years ago.

    So from two years ago to today, you got married, lots of different things, so…

    Yeah, and the main thing I wanted it to feel in the music on this album was a real humanness, just being human. Having desires, needs, that’s why the album is called ‘Strip Me,’ it’s just like, strip it all back, stop trying to be something else or anything like that. I feel like a lot of pop music is a lot of imaging and smoke-and-mirrors, but you don’t always get to see the real person. For me it’s all about being real.

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    The White House Will Hold a Concert Dedicated to Motown

    In honor of Black History Month, The White House is presenting a special concert dedicated to the music of Motown.

    This is set to go down on February 24th, and Smokey Robinson will lead an all-star line-up that will sing to President Obama.

    This will air nationally March 1st on PBS and will feature performances by Sheryl Crow, Jamie Foxx, Natasha Bedingfield, John Legend, Nick Jonas, Seal, Gloriana, Jordin Sparks and Glee‘s Amber Riley and Mark Salling.

    Source: 411mania.com

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    [Photos/Video] Boy Meets Girl Fashion Show + Rock Freak Party

    02/15/11 – Boy Meets Girl 2011 Fall Collection Fashion Show


    02/15/11 – Rock Freak Party


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    Natasha Bedingfield added to The Dinah lineup

    Grammy-nominated pop singer Natasha Bedingfield will perform at a Saturday night party during Club Skirts’ The Dinah lesbian weekend, organizers announced Tuesday.

    Bedingfield, known for “Unwritten,” “Pocket Full of Sunshine” and other songs, is set to perform at the Hollywood Party on April 2 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

    The party is billed as Club Skirts’ largest event slated for a five-day span known informally as Dinah Shore weekend. Two competing parties aimed at lesbians are expected to bring thousands of people to Palm Springs from March 30 to April 3.

    “We are beyond thrilled and honored to have Natasha Bedingfield perform at The Dinah,” Club Skirts founder Mariah Hanson said in a statement. “She is the perfect headliner for our signature event.”

    “Unwritten” earned Bedingfield a Grammy nomination in 2007 for best female pop performance.

    “Her show will be one unlike any other,” Hanson said. “She’s an amazing, down-to-earth, exceptionally talented artist with a repertoire of empowering, feel-good, and very relatable … songs.”

    Advance tickets for the Saturday party, which is also set to include a performance from another British singer, Luciana, are listed at $90 but were available online Tuesday for $85. Information: www.thedinah.com

    Source: Mydesert.com

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    [Grammy Awards] NatashaFan Coverage

    Today is Grammy’s day!

    Natasha will attend  the 53rd Grammy Awards, that will take place in Los Angeles tonight, February 13, and will air live on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

    NatashaFan.com will bring you all the latest news, photos, videos, live streaming links and more! Make sure to join our Twitter page for realtime news!


    First image of Natasha at the red carpet of the grammy awards. AMAZING!!!

    Natasha was Trending Topic in Brazil. Check it out:

    Just updated the gallery with the first 6 professional images of Natasha at the red carpet. Check it out:

    02/13/11 – The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards


    EDIT: +22 pictures.

    EDIT: +40 pictures

    Just updated the gallery with images of Natasha at the after grammy party  Check it out:

    02/13/11 – The 2011 EMI Grammys After Party


    EDIT: +6 pictures.

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    [Gallery] Ciroc Vodka, OK! Magazine & Step Up Women’s Network

    Feb 11: Natasha Bedingfield attends Ciroc Vodka, OK! Magazine & Step Up Women’s Network Women of Music Celebration at The Colony on February 11, 2011 in Hollywood, California. Check it out:

    02/11/11 – Ciroc Vodka, OK! Magazine & Step Up Women’s Network


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