Bedingfield singing at House of Blues
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Thanks to Adele’s seizing the charts from those Auto-Tuned pop tarts, it would seem a good time to be a British singer with an authentic soulful voice.

Natasha Bedingfield has been around as a solo artist since 2004, but is still better known in the United Kingdom for hits such as “Unwritten,” “These Words” and the new “Weightless.”

She brings her “Less is More” tour to the House of Blues on Sunday as no stranger to Las Vegas. Bedingfield turned out for crooner Matt Goss’ opening at Caesars Palace last year, and in March sang at CinemaCon in a promotion for young filmmakers.

Tickets are $27.50-$31.50 for the show at 8 p.m. Sunday in the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Call 632-7600.

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Brit Bedingfield embraces U.S.
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The Fourth of July keeps convincing Brits to liberate to America.

“It’s the day I started dating my (American) husband” in 2006, says British pop star Natasha Bedingfield, singer of “Pocketful of Sunshine” and “I Bruise Easily.”

Now every day, husband-businessman Matthew Robinson injects her with more of his America.

“You rub off on each other,” she says. “He’s teaching me golf. We’ve been sailing together. I smoke cigars sometimes. I even watch UFC.”

She once told People magazine, “Romance is female Viagra.” She still feels that way and gets “turned on by little things,” from flowers to movies.

Another man in her life is Jamie Foxx but not romantically. He sings on her new single, “Weightless.” They met during a performance for the Obamas.

“It was right in the Obamas’ living room, with them 3 feet away!” she says. “It was absolutely mind-blowing.”

If you see her Sunday at House of Blues expect real singing, not Auto-Tuned fakiness.

The show can’t be as liberated as her Palm Springs gig for a lesbian festival, where she considered competing in an oil-wrestling contest but chickened out.

“I was too afraid of getting the oil out of my hair,” she says. “It was the sexiest show I’ve ever done. … I feel very free around women.”

Source: lvrj.com

[Photos & Videos] Los Angeles, CA
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06/29/11 – Los Angeles, CA

I Bruise Easily
Pocketful Of Sunshine
Strip Me
What’s My Name (Rihanna’s Cover) / Single Ladies (Beyoncé’s Cover) / Purple Rain (Prince’s Cover)

Credits: Kavispires2

Natasha “Less is More” Video Blog (Video 2) – Somerville, MA
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Video blog #2 takes you to Somerville, MA where Natasha kicks off her first “official” tour date with the tour’s complete line up which includes Kate Voegele and Andy Grammer.

Source: Official Website

Natasha Bedingfield Q&A
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Natasha Bedingfield returned to pop music in late 2010 with a brand new single, the racily titled “Strip Me,” which is also the name of the U.K.-based pop singer-songwriter’s third album, released last winter. Still, the title is no cheap come-on loaded with sexual innuendo a la the Britneys and Rihannas of the pop world. After her success in the Zeros, Bedingfield is all about stripping away the façade of celebrity and pop stardom, and keeping it real.

KOvideo catches up with the bubbly blonde, who was born in New Zealand before her family moved to London when she was still a child (her brother Daniel Bedingfield is also a chart topping artist), at the start of her first tour for “Strip Me.”

“Strip Me” marks a return to the public eye after a couple years break. After two successful albums, including her mega hit “Unwritten,” Bedingfield became disillusioned with her path. She took time away, attended songwriting camps, and became involved in social justice issues. Bedingfield has been active in anti-slavery and human trafficking campaigning. These days she splits time between London and Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband, Californian businessman Matthew Robinson, whom she married in 2009.

Though she waited till summer to tour, Bedingfield had one very auspicious gig over the winter. In February, she joined a slew of stars including Sheryl Crow, John Legend, Seal and Nick Jonas, to perform at the White House before an audience that included President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, and their daughters, in celebration Motown Records. The audience also included Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson before whom Bedingfield, joined by Jordin Sparks and Ledisi sang the Supremes’ “Stop in the Name of Love,” and then, solo, she sang Robinson’s “Tracks of My Tears.” That was certainly a moment.

Now it’s time to hit the road. Performing live is something she’s really looking forward to, she tells us a couple of days before the tour, dubbed the “Less is More Tour,” began in Northampton, Massachusetts, in June.

Kovideo: You took a couple of years off from music, has that left you more enthusiastic to play again?

Taking a break can’t help but enhance your live gigs. I love playing live best of all and I think this is going to be as good as it’s ever been before.

KOvideo: You produced “Strip Me” yourself; did you want to make a statement about being more hands-on as an artist and not just a pop singer?

I’m an odd egg. I don’t really fit into the pop world, or the rock world. I’m an immigrant; I was born in New Zealand and then raised in London, I’ve never really felt like I fit in anywhere. I found my way to pop, but I don’t listen to pop. I listen to Motown or rock music. So, I don’t think of myself as just a pop singer. I think this album and this tour reaches a new level for me because the songs really mean something. My approach is as a songwriter; the song is key. When I’m singing, I try not to get in the way of the song, adding riffs all over the place. I actually hold back a lot of the time.

Kovideo: Talking of holding back, this album is all about stepping back and reevaluating your life, isn’t it?

There’s so much that is so crazy in this world. I think everyone feels it and wants something simpler. I don’t think of myself as special, I don’t want to be special. I think we are all very special and that’s a reoccurring theme on the record. Everyone is special, regardless of where they are and who they are.

Rascal Flatts’ “Easy” Video Debuts Friday
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Rascal Flatts’ new video, “Easy,” will have its exclusive world premiere on CMT and CMT.com on Friday (July 1) at 10:45 a.m. ET. Both song and video feature special guest Natasha Bedingfield. The single comes from the group’s latest album, Nothing Like This. As part of the premiere, CMT will debut a 15-minute special, CMT Premieres: Rascal Flatts Featuring Natasha Bedingfield “Easy”, which includes interviews with the band and behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot. “Easy” will premiere across CMT’s multiple properties including CMT, CMT.com, CMT Pure and the network’s new social media game, CMT Platinum Life: Country. As the network’s first video premiere in the social realm, gaming fans can earn virtual prizing when they stream the video in Platinum Life: Country. The video will also debut on Palladia, MTV Networks’ high-definition music channel, and air on VH1′s Top 20 Video Countdown on Saturday (July 2).

[Gallery & Videos] 06/26/11 – Seattle, WA
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06/26/11 – Seattle, WA

Wild Horses

[Photos] Less is More Tour
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Hey guys, i just found this images of Natasha’s concert. Check it out:

06/17/11 – Milwaukee, WI

06/18/11 – Minneapolis, MN

06/22/11 – Denver, CO

[Interview] Sfgate.com
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Natasha Bedingfield gets down to basics on her latest album, “Strip Me.” So it makes sense that she’s supporting it with a low-key tour called “Less Is More,” which stops at Slim’s on Tuesday. The 29-year-old British singer is best known for her single “Unwritten,” which served as the theme song for the MTV reality series “The Hills” and earned her a Grammy nomination for best female pop vocal performance. Bedingfield also appears as a guest vocalist on rapper Nicki Minaj’s debut album, “Pink Friday,” as well as recent singles by country trio Rascal Flatts and Canadian pop-punk band Simple Plan. We spoke to her by phone from Detroit.

Q: “Strip Me” isn’t as provocative as the title might suggest. What was the idea behind the album?

A: Basically, what I wanted to say is if you strip away all the layers – all the things that make us unique – we’re all very similar as well. We have a similar makeup as human beings, similar needs and desires.

Q: The concerts are more basic, too – smaller rooms, few frills.

A: It’s still a fun show. But it’s more about the music than a light display. Sometimes there’s so much clutter and so many gimmicks you miss the essence of why we like music.

Q: So only three costume changes instead of the usual 20?

A: It depends on how I feel.

Q: Did you retire the dress that turned transparent in front of the camera flashes on the red carpet in Vienna?

A: I hid my boobs away for seven years, but they finally made an appearance. It was funny because the event I was at was the Life Ball in Vienna, where most of the women were wearing pasties on their breasts and men were wearing hot pants. I thought I was the most covered-up person there, but I guess the girls wanted out.

Q: It must have been Nicki Minaj’s influence. How did you end up working with her?

A: She called me up and said, “I’m about to finish my album and would love to have you sing on the final track.” I was on tour, and I had like two days to do it. I happened to be passing through Detroit, so I got in Eminem’s studio and instead of sleeping I just did the song.

Q: You also worked with Simple Plan and Rascal Flatts. Had you heard of either of them before they approached you?

A: Yes. I’ve always mingled with a very diverse group of people. My music taste reflects that, too.

Q: Did you watch “The Hills” religiously?

A: No. They asked if they could use my song and we already had a cool relationship, me and MTV. I didn’t know it would become one of their most-watched shows. Before that, it was the graduation song because it’s very much about new beginnings and how anything can happen. I guess that’s the feeling you get from a reality show. {sbox}

Source: Sfgate.com

Catching up with Natasha Bedingfield
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Busy British-bred singer Natasha Bedingfield will be touting her new album, “Strip Me,” in town on her “Less Is More” tour. She also has tracked duets with Nicki Minaj, Rascal Flatts and alt-punkers Simple Plan. In the past two years, the Grammy nominee penned dozens of new numbers, some co-written by Wyclef Jean and John Legend. “Unwritten,” Bedingfield’s breakthrough, continues to be heard everywhere.

You and your longtime beau, filmmaker Matt Robinson, finally got married. But the paparazzi made it a strange ceremony, right?

That was two years ago now — can you believe it? It feels like I’m still a newlywed. We tried to get married in the most private place possible, and we didn’t tell any of our friends where it was until the day before. So we were at this private house in Malibu, outside, and somehow the paparazzi found out where it was. So we got married to the sound of four helicopters circling above us in the wind.

Then you covered the royal wedding as an “Access Hollywood” correspondent, right?
It was amazing. The whole of London was alive with celebration. So when they asked me to be a roving reporter, of course I took them shopping! Um, as one must.

Hadn’t you met the royal couple before? I sang at this amazing event for Prince William, and I met him and Prince Harry there. And Kate Middleton. They weren’t together at the time, but I could see that there was a chemistry between them. I thought, “Man! He’s not going to let her get away. She’s a keeper!”

Source: sfexaminer.com

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