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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    Natasha “Less is More” Video Blog (Video 4) — Alexandria, VA

    Video blog #4 takes you to Alexandria, VA. Natasha, her back up singer and assistant break into an impromptu rendition of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” in the greenroom at the Birchmere Music Theatre.

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    [VIDEOS + IMAGES] St. Louis, MO

    07/09/11 – St. Louis, MO


    Run Run Run
    Strip Me
    All I Need

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    [VIDEOS + IMAGES] Houston, TX House of Blues

    07/07/11 – Houston, TX


    Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover)
    Unwritten (Part 1)
    Unwritten (Part 2)
    Pocketful Of Sunshine

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    Natasha “Less is More” Video Blog (Video 3) — Portland, OR

    Video blog #3 takes you to Portland, OR where she and her guitarist, Luca stumble upon an antiques piano shop filled with the most glorious instruments. She breaks into an acoustic version of “Mozart” which, ironically, is all about playing the piano!

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    [RECOVER] State Farm® – State of Despair

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    [VIDEO + IMAGES] Live @ Jay Leno Show

    Hey guys, i just found the video of Natasha’s perfomance at Jay Leno show last night. Check it out:

    I’M IN LOVE!

    EDIT: I just added images of Natasha’s perfomance. Check it out:

    07/05/11 – The Tonight Show With Jay Leno


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    Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox and Natasha Bedingfield Meet in the Middle in New ‘Easy’ Video

    Being famous or in the public eye isn’t ‘Easy.’ You needn’t look any further than the looks on the faces of Rascal Flatts vocalist Gary LeVox and British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield in the new video for their latest single, ‘Easy,’ to see that.

    Each appears to be someone of stature and importance in the video, and arrives to a red carpet gala separately, looking sharply dressed — but they wear their misery on their faces. Clearly, something’s up — or down, actually — between them, and they’re not happy about it.

    It looks like a big event where rich and famous people congregate, but neither LeVox nor Bedingfield are into to the pomp and circumstance, the bells and whistles or the clutter of people. LeVox’s expression is one of being unsettled.

    Bedingfield, despite looking lovely in a stunning lavender dress, mopes in her limo like it’s the last place in the world she wants to be. Something else is weighing on her mind, and while the flash bulbs are going off, she’s thinking of LeVox.

    Bedingfield and LeVox keep missing each other in a crowd full of other well-attired people. The density of the crowd relays the idea of the tension and discomfort both are feeling. However, they eventually meet in the middle and sing to one another.

    The video for ‘Easy’ certainly suggests that fame and fortune aren’t always what they are cracked up to be, and that even superstars need a minute to decompress and just be themselves and deal with what life throws at them.

    The ending is literally a Cinderella one, as Bedingfield races down the red-carpeted steps and loses a jeweled silver shoe, which LeVox is left holding. It’s an unsettled ending and one that suits the overall moody tone of the clip.

    Watch the Rascal Flatts/Natasha Bedingfield ‘Easy’ Video

    Source: Tasteofcountry.com

    Click here and watch it via youtube.

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    We’ve Been Saved! Natasha Bedingfield Covers Message In A Bottle

    By Perez Hilton

    Call the Police … because they should’ve joined her for this!

    Last night, Natasha Bedingfield put on a terrific show at the House of Blues in Hollywood as part of her Less Is More Tour! While she perfected a lot of her own original music, we were taken with this cover of the classic Police jam!

    She does Sting proud!

    Check out the video (above) to hear Natasha bring new life to Message In A Bottle!

    U like???

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    Bedingfield singing at House of Blues

    Thanks to Adele’s seizing the charts from those Auto-Tuned pop tarts, it would seem a good time to be a British singer with an authentic soulful voice.

    Natasha Bedingfield has been around as a solo artist since 2004, but is still better known in the United Kingdom for hits such as “Unwritten,” “These Words” and the new “Weightless.”

    She brings her “Less is More” tour to the House of Blues on Sunday as no stranger to Las Vegas. Bedingfield turned out for crooner Matt Goss’ opening at Caesars Palace last year, and in March sang at CinemaCon in a promotion for young filmmakers.

    Tickets are $27.50-$31.50 for the show at 8 p.m. Sunday in the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Call 632-7600.

    Source: Lvrj.com

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    Brit Bedingfield embraces U.S.

    The Fourth of July keeps convincing Brits to liberate to America.

    “It’s the day I started dating my (American) husband” in 2006, says British pop star Natasha Bedingfield, singer of “Pocketful of Sunshine” and “I Bruise Easily.”

    Now every day, husband-businessman Matthew Robinson injects her with more of his America.

    “You rub off on each other,” she says. “He’s teaching me golf. We’ve been sailing together. I smoke cigars sometimes. I even watch UFC.”

    She once told People magazine, “Romance is female Viagra.” She still feels that way and gets “turned on by little things,” from flowers to movies.

    Another man in her life is Jamie Foxx but not romantically. He sings on her new single, “Weightless.” They met during a performance for the Obamas.

    “It was right in the Obamas’ living room, with them 3 feet away!” she says. “It was absolutely mind-blowing.”

    If you see her Sunday at House of Blues expect real singing, not Auto-Tuned fakiness.

    The show can’t be as liberated as her Palm Springs gig for a lesbian festival, where she considered competing in an oil-wrestling contest but chickened out.

    “I was too afraid of getting the oil out of my hair,” she says. “It was the sexiest show I’ve ever done. … I feel very free around women.”

    Source: lvrj.com

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