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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    The Nine Lives of Chloe King Featuring Natasha Bedingfield

    Get to know Natasha Bedingfield whose song Weightless, from the album Strip Me was featured in the ALL NEW episode of The Nine LIves of Chloe King.

    With her new album, Strip Me, Natasha Bedingfield reminds us of the gift she has for creating, heartfelt, dynamic pop anthems. Her music and lyrics are thoughtful and yet irresistible. Strip Me is the follow-up to 2008′s Pocketful of Sunshine, a megahit in the U.S. selling over three million singles of the title track and featuring four number one dance singles.

    The Londoner, Bedingfield who now maintains a residence in Los Angeles as well as in the UK, has spent the better part of the last five years touring and promoting her first two albums. Her experiences traveling the globe provided her with a unique perspective that helped inform this thoughtful new body of work. Writing more than 50 songs, Bedingfield, armed with an impressive production team of modern hitmakers including, GRAMMY® award winner John Shanks (Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crow), Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis), Wayne Wilkins (Beyonce), John Hill (Shakira, Santigold), Kleerup (Robyn, Cyndi Lauper), Danielle Brisebois (co writer of Unwritten and Pocketful of Sunshine) and reuniting with Steve Kipner, who produced Natasha’s own smash hit These Words, stripped down her songs to the 13 tracks contained on her newest release.

    Each song on Strip Me evokes the innate desires, needs and fears which people feel in these most troubling times. Although the title of the album is provocative, the songs Natasha writes underscore the things that are important to her. Bedingfield’s message is clear. Don’t get caught up in material things. Don’t be afraid to be loved, to be supported, and to be touched. Believe in yourself and follow your heart.

    “Five years of non stop touring on the road took it’s toll on me” Bedingfield says. “I had to stop and remind myself why I started making music in the first place. I started out trying to base songs around the idea of basic human desires—what do we all need, want and share? My songs celebrate that sense you have when you see a wild horse, that feeling of being free and unburdened. That’s how I like to feel, and that’s what I hope communicates itself when you hear my music.”

    Source: abcfamily.go.com

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    Natasha Bedingfield talks songwriting, shoe shopping and sounding like Justin Bieber

    I’m trying to think of a clever way to start this article, but nothing’s coming out.

    But that’s okay, because this story is about Natasha Bedingfield. And for the British pop star, writer’s block is a recurring theme.

    Just sift through her catalog, from her huge hits These Words (“Waste bin full of paper; clever rhymes, see you later…”) and Unwritten (“The pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned…”), to unreleased tracks like D.I.Y. (“Got a dozen ideas and a hundred more, like a pile of shoes that have never been worn…”). For a pop singer-songwriter, Bedingfield sure sings a lot about not writing pop songs.

    But the occasional bout of writer’s block hasn’t hindered Bedingfield. Since debuting in America, she’s sold more than 10 million albums and singles worldwide, and her songs have soundtracked countless movies and TV shows. She’s currently performing a stripped-down tour at clubs across the U.S. in support of her latest disc, Strip Me.

    Before she hits the Ritz Ybor on Thursday, Bedingfield called from a tour stop in Dallas to talk writer’s block, shoe shopping and the true meaning of the phrase “pocketful of sunshine.”

    Did you know there’s a Facebook page called “Justin Bieber sounds like Natasha Bedingfield”?


    It’s got 170 fans. Do you think there’s some validity to it?

    That’s awesome! (laughs) I mean, he kind of sounds more like my brother, because Daniel also has some hits, right? And for a man, he has higher notes, higher tones than a lot of men. Justin sounds a bit like him. But that’s cool! I’m going to check that page out. (sings) Baby, baby …

    I think These Words is one of the most clever pop songs in recent years. Which is interesting because it’s all about writer’s block. Since you’re a co-writer of that song, can you talk about how it was created?

    Every writer has a song or two about writer’s block, because it really is one of those things that every creative person faces at some point. It can just be overthinking something, or it can be just trying to be too clever. We were trying to figure out a really sophisticated way of saying “I love you,” because we didn’t want to use it; it can be over-cliched. And actually, when we came to it, we were like, “There is no other way of saying ‘I love you’ than ‘I love you.’” It just became this simple thing, and a rediscovery of what that means. It’s funny — some of the best love songs are quite simple, but they somehow find a way to say it in a way that no one has.

    Cleverness isn’t something that seems to be in vogue in pop music these days.

    It’s strange. Everyone’s dumbing it down a bit, aren’t they?

    What’s wrong with writing a smart song?

    I don’t know. I think for some people, it’s about having success and pleasing people, as many as possible. Record companies even have hit predictors. They’ll test little bits of songs, and they want everything to be perfect. I think it takes a risk to compose a song, and write something that is personal, instead of sticking to a formula. Music, to me, has always been more than just formulas and numbers and figures. My favorite albums aren’t always the ones on that have been on radio.

    Do you have tips on how to do your job when you just feel like you’re banging your head against a wall?

    Yeah, it’s just the best outlet in the world: Music and art. Music is something I can throw myself in, and it feels so rewarding, and it’s my passion. I don’t need any other hobbies. I do a bit of painting as well, but mostly, music is the thing for me. I’s just this fascination with expressing something that you don’t know how to say, and then you’ve actually said it, and you couldn’t think of a better way of saying it. Even when a song is finished, there’s this feeling of completion that you won’t take anything out of it or add anything to it. That feels really cool.

    What’s been your hardest song to write?

    There’s been some songs that took a couple of years. The main thing for me is, I always want to be very honest in my music — choosing to be open, choosing to be vulnerable, even though the more you love someone, the more they can hurt you; the more you show someone of you, the more they can use it against you. That’s a lifestyle choice, and an artistic choice, for me. I think a lot of pop is about putting an artist on a pedestal, so that no one could ever feel like they could come close to being who you are. To me, it’s the opposite.

    On your blog recently, you had this post about your love of interesting shoes. You snapped some photos of unique footwear you saw on the road. If people were coming to your show and wanted to show off their shoes, what would catch your eye?

    Things that are loud and proud and stand out. There’s a line in one of my songs that says, “My feet need a holiday from this neverending race.” I like that focus on the feet. They get us so many different places, so they should be celebrated. I myself run around in stilettoes throughout my whole show.

    Do you shop for shoes on the road?

    I’ve been buying a lot of shoes online recently. There’s a lovely website called Net-a-Porter that has a lot of amazing clothes, and it’s really addictive and dangerous, because you just click a button, and you’re going to have all these amazing gifts coming to your house, from yourself, gift-wrapped in bubble wrap. It’s like Christmas!

    As you know, your songs have appeared on a lot of soundtracks. Have you seen every movie or TV show in which one of your songs plays?

    I mean, I haven’t watched every episode of The Hills, but I’ve seen a couple of them. But a lot of the movies, I’ve seen. I’ll go to the premiere sometimes. I went to Something Borrowed, I went to Morning Glory. Sometimes there have been songs that have turned up in movies that I didn’t even know about, and I’m just an innocent moviegoer. I have a publishing company, and sometimes they’ll approve things that maybe I didn’t read the e-mail about.

    When that happens, do you slink down in your seat in the theater? Or do you stand up, like, ‘Hey, that’s me!”

    There was one time on an airplane, I think it was Flicka, and my song Wild Horses played at the end of it. And that was one of the rare times I stood up and walked down the plane, like, “That’s my song!”

    What’s your favorite movie that one of your songs has been in?

    My favorite is Pocketful of Sunshine, in a couple of movies. Easy A is really funny, because it makes fun of how pop songs are kind of annoying, then they creep up on you and become part of the fabric of your life — they become your song. So that one’s my favorite. There’s another one with, what’s her name, Heigl. The Ugly Truth. She’s got vibrating underwear on, and she starts getting an orgasm while she’s at the table, because someone’s pressed the button on the vibrating underwear, and suddenly Pocketful of Sunshine comes on. That’s funny, because that’s a different meaning of the term “pocketful of sunshine.”

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    Natasha “Less is More” Video Blog (Video 4) — Alexandria, VA

    Video blog #4 takes you to Alexandria, VA. Natasha, her back up singer and assistant break into an impromptu rendition of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” in the greenroom at the Birchmere Music Theatre.

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    [VIDEOS + IMAGES] St. Louis, MO

    07/09/11 – St. Louis, MO


    Run Run Run
    Strip Me
    All I Need

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    [VIDEOS + IMAGES] Houston, TX House of Blues

    07/07/11 – Houston, TX


    Fast Car (Tracy Chapman Cover)
    Unwritten (Part 1)
    Unwritten (Part 2)
    Pocketful Of Sunshine

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    Natasha “Less is More” Video Blog (Video 3) — Portland, OR

    Video blog #3 takes you to Portland, OR where she and her guitarist, Luca stumble upon an antiques piano shop filled with the most glorious instruments. She breaks into an acoustic version of “Mozart” which, ironically, is all about playing the piano!

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    [RECOVER] State Farm® – State of Despair

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    [VIDEO + IMAGES] Live @ Jay Leno Show

    Hey guys, i just found the video of Natasha’s perfomance at Jay Leno show last night. Check it out:

    I’M IN LOVE!

    EDIT: I just added images of Natasha’s perfomance. Check it out:

    07/05/11 – The Tonight Show With Jay Leno


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    Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox and Natasha Bedingfield Meet in the Middle in New ‘Easy’ Video

    Being famous or in the public eye isn’t ‘Easy.’ You needn’t look any further than the looks on the faces of Rascal Flatts vocalist Gary LeVox and British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield in the new video for their latest single, ‘Easy,’ to see that.

    Each appears to be someone of stature and importance in the video, and arrives to a red carpet gala separately, looking sharply dressed — but they wear their misery on their faces. Clearly, something’s up — or down, actually — between them, and they’re not happy about it.

    It looks like a big event where rich and famous people congregate, but neither LeVox nor Bedingfield are into to the pomp and circumstance, the bells and whistles or the clutter of people. LeVox’s expression is one of being unsettled.

    Bedingfield, despite looking lovely in a stunning lavender dress, mopes in her limo like it’s the last place in the world she wants to be. Something else is weighing on her mind, and while the flash bulbs are going off, she’s thinking of LeVox.

    Bedingfield and LeVox keep missing each other in a crowd full of other well-attired people. The density of the crowd relays the idea of the tension and discomfort both are feeling. However, they eventually meet in the middle and sing to one another.

    The video for ‘Easy’ certainly suggests that fame and fortune aren’t always what they are cracked up to be, and that even superstars need a minute to decompress and just be themselves and deal with what life throws at them.

    The ending is literally a Cinderella one, as Bedingfield races down the red-carpeted steps and loses a jeweled silver shoe, which LeVox is left holding. It’s an unsettled ending and one that suits the overall moody tone of the clip.

    Watch the Rascal Flatts/Natasha Bedingfield ‘Easy’ Video

    Source: Tasteofcountry.com

    Click here and watch it via youtube.

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    We’ve Been Saved! Natasha Bedingfield Covers Message In A Bottle

    By Perez Hilton

    Call the Police … because they should’ve joined her for this!

    Last night, Natasha Bedingfield put on a terrific show at the House of Blues in Hollywood as part of her Less Is More Tour! While she perfected a lot of her own original music, we were taken with this cover of the classic Police jam!

    She does Sting proud!

    Check out the video (above) to hear Natasha bring new life to Message In A Bottle!

    U like???

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