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  Natasha Anne Bedingfield (born 26 November 1981) is a British singer and songwriter. Bedingfield released her debut album, Unwritten, in 2004, which contained primarily up-tempo pop songs and was influenced by R&B music. It enjoyed international success with more than 2.3 million copies sold worldwide.  

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    INTERVIEW: Natasha Bedingfield Is Bringing Hope To Pop Music

    Natasha Bedingfield. Remember her? You do. And if you don’t, you’re lying ’cause saying you don’t know her is like saying you don’t know Adele’s “Someone Like You.” She’s one of those artists who, no matter how long she’s been away from the scene, can continue to churn out new material and still sound fresh.

    Perhaps it’s how infectious they are — or perhaps it’s how uplifting they are — but there’s something about songs like “Unwritten,” “Pocket Full of Sunshine,” and “Strip Me” that inspire. Her new song, “Hope,” a track that beauty brand philosophy asked her to write, is no different.

    “For me, this was such a lovely project to get involved in because it was quite specific,” Bedingfield told Refinery29 after she debuted it live at kick-off ceremony for philosophy’s hope & grace initiative. It was also an opportunity for Bedingfield to put out new material. When asked if we can expect more music, she quickly said, “absolutely.”

    “I love the fact I can release a song as a song. It’s not an official single, but it’s out there,” she continued. “I like that the music can just keep coming out.” In the decade or so since she came onto the scene, Bedingfield’s worked to make her voice ring louder than everyone else who has access to the Internet.

    “What makes your voice or message more important than anyone else’s?” Bedingfield wonders.

    Well, uplifting messages is one, but also confidence. “I’ve stopped hoping the crowd will like me. As a young artist, it was more about ‘How can I impress these people?’ Whereas now, it’s just, like, what I do. It’s what we do.”

    It’s no secret Bedingfield’s got pipes, but her real talent lies in her ability to turn a negative situation into something positive. To her, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel; to her, music is her chance to inspire. There’s always a chance to get back up. There’s always hope.


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    VIDEO + PHOTOS: Natasha’s performance @ The View

    Today (21), Natasha joined the talk-show “The View” to perfom Hope. We got the interview’s video on our youtube channel. Make sure to watch on the player below:

    We also added images on our gallery. Check it out:

    ● 01/21/15 – The View


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    PHOTOS: Natasha Bedingfield Debuts Live New Original Song “Hope,” Benefiting Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative

    Natasha Bedingfield Debuts Live New Original Song "Hope," Benefiting Philosophy's Hope & Grace Initiative

    Yesterday, Natasha rocked the stage to promote “Hope”, her new single in New York City.

    Philosophy, the women’s wellbeing beauty brand, collaborated with Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield on an exclusive, original song, “Hope,” to spread hope to women everywhere. To celebrate the release of “Hope,” philosophy hosted a special event (last night, 1/20 at Cary Hall at the Dimenna Center in NYC) where Natasha performed the song live for the first time.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t record her perfomance but we added some images on Natashapictures. Check it out:

    ● 01/21/15 – Natasha Bedingfield Debuts Live New Original Song “Hope,” Benefiting Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative


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    NEW LAYOUT: NatashaBedingfield.com

    Natasha’s official website has a new layout with an exclusive video. Make sure to visit clickin’ here

    A new era is coming!

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    Watch “Hope” Music Video

    Natasha just released the music video for her new song “Hope”. You can also buy the song on Itunes clicking here

    ● Troy Jensen – Hope


    Make sure to watch the bts videos released on philosophybeauty’s official youtube’s channel here.

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    LISTEN: New song “Hope”


    As we noticed before, Natasha Released Song In Support Of Mental Health And Wellbeing. You can listen the full song here:

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    [INTERVIEW] Worth the wait for Natasha Bedingfield

    Bangkok gladly puts its arms around British pop princess Natasha Bedingfield

    British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield unleashed the power for Thai fans last Tuesday, her voice resounding around Parc Paragon for Siam Paragon’s ninth-anniversary party.

    In the space of just three albums, she’s already produced a long string of hits – “Unwritten”, “These Words (I Love You, I Love You)”, “Soulmate”, “Put Your Arms Around Me”, “Love Like This”, “I Bruise Easily”, “Again” – and sold 2.3 million discs.

    Bedingfield is geared up for a fourth album next year, she told us during a chat before the show.


    My parents came to Thailand before I was born – my mother was pregnant with my brother at the time. They wanted to come back but never managed it. I’ve always wanted to come and it was on my list of places to go. So, when I was asked to come, I couldn’t say no!


    I’ve spent the last three or four years writing for the new album. It’s nearly ready and I’m just waiting for the right time to bring it out. I’m so excited, because when you’re writing new music it feels so good, and it’s like a secret that nobody knows about yet. You’re writing a collection of songs that need to have a flow, a story to tell.

    On this album I’ll be focusing on the vocal tone. When people hear it, they’ll hear themselves in it.


    Because I write my own songs and I have to come up with the material myself. It normally takes about two years for an album, but this one has been a bit longer. I start to think the album is ready, and then I write a few more songs and I’m, like, “Oh, this is even better!”

    In a way writing songs is the same way as digging for gold. You find gold, and you keep digging and you find even better gold. The question that every songwriter has is when is the time to stop digging and cash your gold in.


    For me a good song needs to have a good lyric and a number of other things that have to be satisfying for me to release it. I could write songs just for me, but I also write songs for other people, so I have to think about what people are going to feel when they hear it and what they’re going to talk about.

    But I do go back and change songs that I’ve written because there’s the production aspect. Production is like putting on your makeup. With songwriting I’ve made my biggest mistakes and had my biggest successes, so I’m not afraid to try anything. The way my process works is that I brainstorm – I throw out lots of ideas out, and then I take out all the good ones. There’s no judging – it’s a process to get into a very creative mindset.


    I found myself a lot through music. I grew up quite a shy kid, and music has given me courage. Whenever something difficult occurs in my life, I’m able to process it with music and come out feeling hopeful.


    I love Stevie Wonder – that’s the first album I bought. I love a lot of male singers, actually, people like Sting, Bruno Mars and Jeff Buckley. There’s something soothing about male voices. I grew up listening to Lauryn Hill, Bjork, the Cardigans, the Beatles, Radiohead, Eminem and a lot of things.


    I would love to do a song with James Brown. I love his energy, and you couldn’t have had Michael Jackson without James Brown. And I’d probably do “I Feel Good” with him.


    All my brothers and sister – everyone does music! Yes, it was a fun way to grow up. My brother would do beat-boxing while doing the dishes. I didn’t sing very well – I was exploring and trying to sing like Bjork, and that was really annoying for everyone.

    Anyone who does music, you have to thank their parents, because they obviously put up with a lot, like having kids banging on drums all the time and things like that.


    I would be too much [laughs]. We’re all very energetic! My brother [Daniel Bedingfield] is the biggest inspiration for me – he’s the one who got me into music. He’s two years older and I learned everything I know from him.


    I live EDM! The first music I wrote – we didn’t call it EDM at the time – we called it dance music, house or garage. It’s become so big now. It’s become the new pop. I love it and I’ve written with quite a few DJs. Actually, in America I had five No 1 dance hits, because every song released there gets remixed.


    It’s a wonderful time because new artists can really put their music out – they don’t have to be signed. I think the challenge now is that a lot of people watch something, but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly good. Sometimes it’s like a circus, really. A lot of people watch something really bad just because of how bad it is. There’s so much information out there, but I think there’s a place for everyone.


    For me it’s always an evolution. It’s about growing as an artist and as a composer. You have to stay in touch with your audience to stay in line with how their heart is beating. It’s important to have your eyes and ears open. Some people get old quickly because they stop growing. The secret of staying young is learning and having fun.


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    Natasha Bedingfield To Release Song In Support Of Mental Health And Wellbeing

    Philosophy, the women’s wellbeing beauty brand, is collaborating with Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Natasha Bedingfield on an exclusive, original song to spread hope to women everywhere.

    The song, “Hope,” penned by Natasha and a new writing and production team made up of Matt Robinson, David Saw and Ryan Freeman, was written to draw attention to the mental health needs of women and further the message of the hope and grace initiative — an unending commitment by philosophy to support community-based mental health organizations. Releasing simultaneously with the product launch of renewed hope in a jar, “hope” will be available for download on iTunes on January 13th with 20% of the net proceeds from iTunes sales benefitting the hope and grace initiative until 2016.

    By encouraging and promoting the idea of hope when faced with any adversity, this original song clearly captures the spirit of philosophy. For over 18 years, philosophy has been devoted to bringing women products that inspire them to live better lives. Most recently, in July 2014, philosophy launched the hope and grace initiative, the cornerstone of the brand’s philanthropic mission wherein 1% of philosophy product sales across all retailers support community-based organizations working to empower women through the promotion of mental health and wellbeing, and the prevention and treatment of related issues.

    “At philosophy, we believe that it is important to nurture the skin as well as the soul, and music offers a powerful way to lift spirits and spread a message,” says Jill Scalamandre, Senior Vice President, philosophy and Chief Marketing Officer, skin care for Coty. “The philosophy of renewed hope in a jar is ‘live with optimism, renew with hope,’ a sentiment that not only ties perfectly to this beautiful song, but also to the hope and grace initiative’s mission of helping lift the stigma that surrounds mental health.”

    “philosophy understands the power of words, and as a songwriter this resonates deeply with me,” says Natasha. “I was thrilled to collaborate with philosophy on the song and to help raise awareness about mental health, particularly among women. This song is about how powerful hope is and that we all need to be reminded sometimes of how even the darkest nights become bright mornings, and hope can carry us through any hardship.”

    To celebrate the release of “hope,” which is named for its reimagined iconic product, renewed hope in a jar, philosophy will host a special event where Natasha will perform “hope” live for the first time. The performance will be simulcast via Livestream as part of a larger digital media campaign that will further promote the renewed hope in a jar product and the hope and grace initiative.

    Changing the landscape of philanthropic efforts in the beauty industry, the hope and grace initiative established the hope and grace fund as a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501c3 public charity dedicated to supporting innovative and effective public interest projects. With guidance from an advisory board made up of committed and notable leaders in the mental health arena, philosophy will annually award multiple grants with an average amount of $25,000 through the hope and grace fund to support hundreds of qualified organizations around the world.

    In its first year, the fund plans to target organizations that work with women in the United States who are currently underserved by mental health services by providing grants to community-based mental health organizations. These unsung heroes of the mental health field include those organizations that are working to overcome the barriers and stigma associated with seeking treatment for mental health issues, providing access to mental health treatment, and fostering support networks for women with mental illness.

    Join the movement at hopeandgracefund.com.

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    Happy Birthday, Natasha Bedingfield


    Today is Natasha’s birthday!!

    We’d like to say thank you for being a wonderful role model to myself and million of other people around the world. Keep rocking!

    She did a special Q&A on her Facebook. Click here and see the answers.

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    Hear Two Unreleased, Leaked Songs From Natasha’s ‘Unwritten’

    Two previously unreleased tracks by Natasha have been leaked online, reportedly belonging to recording sessions for her debut album, Unwritten. One song is called “Save My Love” and the other is “Hold Me In Your Arms” with Daniel Bedingfield, both of which a source says were made in 2004 sessions with producer Nathan Winkler.

    Save My Love

    Hold Me In Your Arms (with Daniel Bedingfield)

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