Natasha Bedingfield Remembers When Gaga Was Her Opening Act
comment 1 Comment Written by Jeff on December 11, 2010 – 3:19 pm

By Rob Shute

The amazingly talented Natasha Bedingfield’s new album ‘Strip Me’ is in stores now, and she just sat down at my new TV show, ‘Naughty But Nice With Rob,’ to reveal what it was like watching Lady Gaga go from her warm-up act to one of the biggest stars in the world.

“She’s amazing,” Natasha tells me. “It was obvious to everyone even back them that she was going to be a huge star because she is so talented.”

And although Natasha has the reputation for being a nice — not naughty! — lady herself, she did tell me one of her favorite hobbies is listening to other artists’ music with her band on the tour bus and rewriting the lyrics to include the word ‘c–k,’ especially to Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow.

o see my entire interview with Natasha, check out ‘Naughty But Nice With Rob’ on HDNet Saturday, Dec. 11 at 1PM and 7PM. Also don’t forget to snatch up a copy of Bedingfield’s new album, ‘Strip Me.’

Source: Popeater.com

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